Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Relationships in a Family - English To Kannada

Relationships in a Family translated from English To Kannada are as follows:

Grand Father = Thaatha
Grand Mother = Ajji
Daddy OR Dad = Appa
Mummy or Mom = Amma
Elder Brother = Doddanna OR Anna
Younger Brother = Thamma
Elder Sister = Doddakka or Akka
Younger Sister = Thangi
Son = Maga
Daughter = Magalu
Child = Magu
Grand Child = Mommagu
Grand Son = Mommaga
Grand Daughter = Mommagalu
Dad's elder brother = Doddappa
Dad's younger brother = Chikkappa
Mom' elder brother = Dodda Maava
Mom's younger brother = Chikka Maava
Dad's elder sister OR wife of Mom's elder brother = Doddathe
Dad's younger sister OR wife of Mom's younger brother = Chikkathe
Mom's elder sister OR wife of Dad's elder brother = Doddamma
Mom's younger sister OR wife of Dad's younger brother = Chikkamma
Brother's wife = Athige
Wife's brother = Bhaava

Also gender details are as follows:
boy = Huduga
girl = Hudugi
Men = Gandu
Women = Hennu

Hope it helps!

- by - A netizen of Bangalore

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